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Painting Basics - Wall First or Ceiling First?

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If you are contemplating repainting a room in your home, or all the rooms in your home for that matter, the easiest thing to do would be to hire a contractor, but where is the fun in that? Being able to paint your own home yourself is not only an activity that you and your family can enjoy doing together, but is also a task that makes you value your home even more. With that said, there is no denying that doing this is no easy feat, and will require a bit of skill and some patience as well as practice in order to get a decent paint job done.

How do you paint a room in your home like a pro? Do you paint the wall first, or do you do the ceiling before painting the walls?

For starters, in order to paint your rooms like a pro, you need to have all the tools necessary for painting your rooms properly. Aside from the brushes, and rollers, and long handles, and tapes that allow for the proper painting of different areas of the room, you should also have drop cloths, ladders, and all the different accessories needed for painting. The list of materials for a proper paint job, we will post in another blog. For now, let us tackle that age-old question of which part to paint first – ceilings or walls?

One of the things you will notice when you paint your rooms is that, it is easier to paint your walls than your ceilings. This is because ceilings are way up high, and will have you looking up while painting it while holding a long-handled roller or brush, which can be very tiring to the arms, neck, and upper body. Not only is painting the ceiling rather tiring and difficult, but it also gets paint on everything – a flick of your wrist or a little imbalanced swagger can make paint fly from your roller or brush and onto anything under your ceilings, which is practically everything.

With that said, it is then safe for you to assume that when painting a room, doing your ceilings first is what you need to do. You will be getting paint from this endeavor on anything anyway, including the walls, so it is best to do that first before doing the lower parts of the room. When you are done painting your ceiling, you will need to let it dry first before you can do your walls. This is to enable you to safely use any painter’s tape for delineating the corners of the ceiling and the walls.

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