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Coupon Code: TimelessElements12
Enjoy 12% discount on ALL Purchases when you use this coupon upon check out.

Finding the best deals online is easy when you come to Timeless Elements. We have some of the lowest priced products from some of the best brands around – Craftmade, Ellington, Jeremiah, Exterior Lighting and Teiber. While our prices are already low enough, we decided to give you another chance to lower prices further, and this is with the use our brand coupons!

Coming to our site, and buying the products found in our catalogs, opens you up to huge discounts that cannot be found anywhere else. Imagine getting products at a low price and finding that you can actually get these items at prices that are even lower than it already is! We have different coupons for different brands on our site, and a sitewide discount coupon as well, and these are very simple to use. All you need to do to get the discount on the items that you are buying is to key in the coupon code in the correct field upon checkout.

In order to get the discount for these items however, you need to know how this works. You should be aware that, even though we have a variety of coupons for our many brands, and one sitewide coupon for all brands, you cannot use these in conjunction with each other. You can only utilize a single coupon at a time, and you can only do so for that day’s purchase. For instance, if you use a coupon for your Tieber purchases, you cannot use the sitewide coupon on this as well or any other brand coupons the rest of the items that belong to other brands on the site. You can only use one coupon at a time – either the sitewide coupon for all purchases, or a brand coupon for one specific brand only.

If you cannot find the sitewide coupon on this coupon page, it is because we have a specific set of rules for qualifying for a sitewide discount. To get the sitewide discount, you need to like our page on Facebook, and you should also leave us your email address. To do this, click on the sitewide discount coupon found on the side of this page.

As low as are prices already are, we know you deserve better, and this comes in the form of these discount coupons for each brand plus our sitewide discount coupon. And as if that is not good enough, we also ship your purchases to you for free! Buy your Craftmade items now at Timeless Elements and enjoy great discounts, amazing products, and many more from us!




Coupon Code: Craftmade12
Enjoy 12% discount on your Craftmade purchases when you use this coupon upon check out.





Coupon Code: Teiber12
Type in this coupon code and get a 12% discount when you buy your Teiber products.





Coupon Code: Ellington12
Get 12% off your Ellington products by typing this code in the field provided when you check out.





Coupon Code: Exteriors12
Use this coupon with your Exteriors Lighting purchases to get a 12% discount on your items.





Coupon Code: Jeremiah12
Lower the cost of your Jeremiah items with the use of this 12% discount coupon.

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