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  • Leapfrog 3D Printing Education Package Dual Extruder A-01-82

Leapfrog 3D Printing Education Package Dual Extruder A-01-82

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    Leapfrog 3D Printing Education Package Dual Extruder A-01-82 fully assembled 3D fused-filament-fabrication printer educational package contains a partially open frame 3D printer for fabricating parts up to 200 x 270 x 230 mm (H x W x D) using 1.75-mm ABS, laybrick, nylon, PLA, and PVA filament (sold separately) and includes an educational curriculum, printing materials and accessories, Simplify3Dsoftware, and a live broadcast training session. The dual extruder enables printing in 2 colors or materials, including water-soluble PLA for temporary support structures in a printed part. The printer has a hot end with a maximum resolution of 0.05 mm and connects to your computer making use of the included USB cable. The printer head moves into the X (left and right) and Y (backward and forward) axes, although the print table moves into the Z (up and down) axis. The frame is manufactured of laser-cut aluminum to resist temperature fluctuations and keep long-term accuracy, and it is closed on three sides to dampen print noise. Blue LEDs inside the frame light up to enable viewing during a print job. The 6-mm thick tempered-glass build plate resists warping during temperature changes and that can be heated up to 80 degrees C (176 degrees F) to avoid uneven cooling and warping regarding the printed part.

    Primary school (10 to 12 years of age) and high school (13 to 18 years of age) curricula are available to introduce students to 3D printing. The printer comes with a 1.5- to 2-hour live training broadcast to walk the customer through printer setup and make use of. The package also includes 8 ABS filament spools, 8 PLA filament spools, 75 print stickers that adhere to your smooth print bed to enhance the bond between the printed part together with print bed, 30 8GB USB drives to store print files together with curriculum, a toolkit to retain the printer, and Simplify3D software to slice and convert files into g-code.

    Features & Specifications

    • Creatr Dual Extruder 3D Printer
    • Build Volume: 7.9 x 10.6 x 7.9"
    • 50-Micron Layer Resolution
    • 30 Leapfrog 8GB USB Sticks
    • Lesson Plan Provided on USB Sticks
    • 8 x PLA Filament & 8 x ABS Filament
    • Simplify3D Software
    • Creatr Toolkit
    • 3 Packs of Print Stickers
    • Windows, Max, & Linux Compatible


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